Transparent splints - Aligners

Aligners or transparent splints or even teeth alignment membranes is what we call the alternative solution to the traditional orthodontic brackets, in which treatment we use the application of a system-series of removable splints for teeth alignment. Each aligner is custom produced in order to fit onto the teeth and it is designed for moving the teeth gradually into their right position. The use of transparent splints for orthodontic therapy is not for everyone. The best way to learn if the transparent splints are the right choice for you is to schedule a consultation with your orthodontist.

The transparent splints are constructed from a strong plastic material appropriately forged to fit into the mouth. As treatment progresses, the numbered steps constantly change. Each of these is a little different, so that the teeth move a little more with each change.

The transparent splints are worn for at least 20 hours a day, are given by the doctor to the patient every two weeks for new alignment. The duration of the treatment depends on the severity of your case and it can last from a few weeks to months and in difficult cases to even two years.

For the cases the treating doctor will decide that Aligners are the alternative solution for patients who want a beautiful smile, but do not want to wear metallic brackets or for patients that have been treated in the past and want to make some minor corrections to their smile.

There are many benefits to the orthodontic therapy with the use of transparent splints. We mention some:

· The transparent splints are more easily kept clean, thus facilitating the maintenance of the health of the teeth and gums.

· The transparent splints are comfortable and less possible to irritate soft tissues such as the gums and cheeks.

· The transparent splints prevent teeth damage from the teeth smoothing.

· The transparent splints are removable, and therefore teeth brushing becomes easier and the use of dental floss for teeth cleaning is easier and faster.

· Treatment in most cases is not at all painful.

· Finally for any reason is considered necessary and required, they can be removed by the patient him/herself, directly from the oral cavity as well as in any case and at any moment to be replaced with their identical pair until the next visit to the doctor.

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The first references to our transparent splints system - an idea inspired by Zia Chishti and Kelsey Wirth from San Jose, California-USA - came in 1997.

Since then many systems with various construction and modeling techniques to support it have emerged. Intense research in the CAD field of modeling, or the dimensioning of the models as well as 3D printers were necessary steps for this system and its application to grow.

Today as we also mention in section digital orthodontics, in our laboratory we have all modern technology - continuously upgraded - for the support of construction and delivery to any of our Orthodontist collaborators, of therapies that begin or are classified according to the selection of transparent splints.

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Our specialized personnel, constantly informed and certified by international companies of the field, guided by the principal treating doctor is in a position to respond to every modern request of the system, by participating in the technological process of the aforementioned system.

If you are interested in orthodontic therapy with transparent splints, then schedule an appointment and discuss with your orthodonist about whether this is the right choice of therapy for you. The scheduling of a consultation is what you wanted.

Being pioneers in new technologies, we are here to provide full support to your doctor’s decisions.

Always with you for a better smile!!!


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