Fast Communication Web Cloud-based Portal - FN Orthodontics

Productivity and solution are possible when information flows freely between the practice and the lab services and when good working relationships are built up to the complete understanding of the therapy order, the need, and the custom specifications of each therapy case.

A communication portal is a service that allows individuals, businesses, to share information from diverse sources using unified communications (UC) media.

When you give round-the-clock client portal access to your customers, it can improve responsiveness for you and your partners. Customers are no longer bound by working hours and can transact with you outside of regular business hours.

Even collaborative working with clients can happen better when people can operate when and where it's most convenient for them. In a world where remote working is on the rise, this is vitally important.

We pull and push data between our database and client bases with high functioning and high-powered servers.7.000 meters of FOC with a connection speed of 225 Mbps secure all data and go further with our business communication. We keep things organized and maximizes the use of our digital workflow.

So if you want to improve communication and collaboration, enhance your responsiveness and maintain a competitive edge with our communication solution.

FN Orthodontics is creating a comfortable and open space for people to listen to each other, facilitate meaningful discussion, arrive jointly at agreeable action points, and guide every therapy case to the best result.

Fast Communication Web Cloud-based Portal - FN Orthodontics