Fixed Appliances - Fn Orthodontics

Of the most important applications during orthodontic mechanical therapy are the fixed constructions on rings for the achievement of each objective set: active-passive or of maximum retaining (Anchorage). For their proper construction is necessary to follow certain compulsory principles:

• Perfect knowledge of bibliography on the used appliances and of construction protocols.

• Passive wires without injuries or tensions above the material's resistance limit

• Avoidance of overheating of welded parts.

As an example, we mention the labial bow. The appliance of the Nance type, a palatal bar of the Gosgarrian type or semi-flat Quad Helix wire, BI Helix, W-Arch (Porter), Band & Loop, Distal Shoe, Space Regainer, fixed Delaire appliance, double Thievny bow, Distalizers of A' Class type, FastBack, Pendulum, Trikky type appliance, palatal expander of the Hyrax type, Crosat CR-CO amalgams' type appliance and many more.

The F.N. Orthodontics department of construction of fixed appliances has been equipped with the most integrated mechanical equipment (Impulse - Master 3000 Spot welder - Lampert Dentapuk Electric arc device - Laser Bego device - Mihm Vogt Electrolysis - Bego Sandblast - Molar, premolar ring cassettes), with proper bending principles for the construction of passive wires and with optimum selection of construction materials (such as CD Free bonding), guarantees the perfect and long-lasting application of any appliance without undesirable separations and patient intolerance.