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Changes brought about by the 4th industrial revolution, such as artificial intelligence and autonomous driving, are already affecting numerous industrial fields, and among them,3D printing is a core technology that is called 'innovation in the manufacturing industry' and is expected to completely change the future industrial landscape.

As a modern and very sophisticated laboratory in Eastern Europe and working with so many international orthodontists, labs, and Universities around the world we follow the innovations trying to give the best results in our services.

On behalf of Unishape’s distribution of Graphy’s products, we proudly announce that since November of 2024, we have been officially the pilot lab for Unishape-Graphy collaboration in 3D printed aligners.

Graphy's world's first 3D Printing Direct orthodontic device material is an innovative material that breaks the stereotypes about transparent orthodontic treatment and advances digital dentistry.

It is a material that can be optimized and customized for each patient and each step through printing of various thicknesses starting from a minimum of 0.3mm depending on the treatment plan, allowing you to take full advantage of the advantages of 3D printing.

The Shape Memory Effect function allows you to feel flexible and comfortable when wearing it and allows you to effectively control the movement of your teeth after wearing it.

What are the advantages of this memory shape-printed aligner system?

Minimize inconvenience when putting on and taking off through shape memory

Our Aligner minimizes block out, so it may be uncomfortable to put on and take off. However, through shape memory, it can be put on and taken off after softening the device in warm water, minimizing patient discomfort.

Restoration of orthodontic force through shape memory

In the case of our materials, if the shape is deformed when worn or the elasticity of the device is thought to have decreased slightly, the shape and elasticity are restored by soaking in warm water, so the corrective power of the originally manufactured device is restored.

Convenience of storage

Because shape memory and easy disinfection are possible, a separate case is not required for storage.

If you need to remove the device before eating or unavoidably, it can be stored without a separate case. It can be disinfected in warm water before wearing and restored to its shape using the Shape Memory function.

Improved correction through shape memory

By using shape memory ability, block-out can be minimized by inserting and detaching within the oral cavity, thereby providing maximum correction power.

Heat disinfection possible

In the case of thermoforming materials, they are completely deformed in hot water, whereas in the case of our materials, the shape and physical properties are restored in hot water. Therefore, if the device is used for a long time or is contaminated with food or foreign substances, it can be heat sterilized by placing it in hot water. Can always be kept clean. (1-2 minutes in boiling water)

perfect transparency

Our Graphy’s Direct Aligner pursues complete transparency. It is a completely transparent material that has not been seen in existing methods, so it is almost impossible to tell whether it is worn or not when worn in the mouth.

While existing devices are susceptible to discoloration when worn for more than a week and cannot be reversed if discolored, Aligner made of our company's material can be kept transparent by simple cleaning (brushing with toothpaste).

Compared to the manufacturing method of existing transparent aligners, model printing is not required and manual work such as thermoforming, cutting, and finishing is not required, so there are almost no errors occurring during the manufacturing process, and manufacturing time and costs can be reduced.

We are the first Greek laboratory with the Graphy Certification

Establishing a close cooperation system with leading domestic and innovative technology, FN Orthodontics claims a huge privilege to become a lab leader in the global market in orthodontic aligners.