IDB - Indirect Bonding

As we mentioned before, indirect bonding technique (IDB) is called the two-stage process, with which the orthodontic brackets are temporarily connected to the dental preforms of the study mold from where are transferred into the mouth with a template transfer splint that maintains the predetermined direction of the brackets thus allowing now their simultaneous bonding upon the teeth surface of the patient undergoing orthodontic treatment.

As a laboratory we have introduced and support the indirect bonding technique with the aim of making the‎ patients of our doctor collaborators happy by providing the smoothest and most painless technique, that allows for the fastest bracket installation process and ensuring their correct placement into every tooth. This equates to less time, greater precision, less inconvenience and greater patient confidence.

The indirect bonding (buccal and lingual) is typically more precise than the traditional direct bracket bonding because the brackets are placed into a laboratory model that can be turned 360 degrees as it is necessary for the depiction and determination of each angle and detail. With the precise placement of each bracket, we are allowed to begin the right treatment from the first day, to move the teeth with greater precision thus making the orthodontic therapy a smoother and faster journey.

Based on the knowledge from the past and by using analogue approaches (ΙN-tendo T.A.D & B.P.D. systems, ADENTA USA–ABP device) our laboratory ensured for the Greek market, the exclusive distribution of the digital system of Lingual Orthodontics ELINE System, following the most modern and advanced scientific and technological systems of therapy worldwide. Always following the technological advancement and innovations in the Orthodontic field we now offer the ELINE system and the ORMOC company ALIAS Lingual Bracket (and not only…) from the orthodontists inventors: professor Kyoto Takemoto and professor Giuseppe Scuso.

Eline System - company founded and directed by professor Giuseppe Scuso - is for many years a pioneer in the research and development of digital solutions for the buccal and lingual systems of fixed orthodontics. With numerous international invention patents in the orthodontic field, ELINE System develops innovative software solutions that aim to the analysis and improvement of the orthodontic technique.

F.N. Orthodontics is the laboratory that commits to using the Eline System platform for the management of all the digital lingual orthodontic cases, and the printing of the final structures and the preparation of the IDB process by using ALIAS and.../ or STb orthodontic brackets with exclusive geographical rights in Greece. It is time for future designs of high technology, precision and very satisfactory clinical results!

Stay tuned for more information and updates, in the field of both buccal and lingual bondings.

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As we mentioned before, indirect bonding technique (IDB) is called the two-stage process, with which the orthodontic brackets are temporarily connected...

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