LAC - Laser Aligner Cutter - FN Orthodontics

Fn Orthodontics Laboratory is the first Lab in Eastern Europe that first used the LAC Technology!

We always love miniaturization, optimization, and simplification of complex workflows.

Tooth correction should be as invisible and quick as possible. This is why treatment with clear aligners is becoming increasingly popular with patients. This also creates the need for ever more efficient production solutions for dental laboratories and dental practices.

With the LAC (Laser Aligner Cutter), it is possible for the first time to produce clear aligners that do not require any additional post-processing after cutting.

This saves time and personnel resources. The LAC is easy to use, and the integrated control system takes care of all the tasks.

Its digital workflow makes it so precise that there is no need to polish or finish the edges, saving your resources.

In parallel, we use the LAC Trimline Generator is the missing link for your digital workflow. Automate the creation of cutting lines with the LAC Trimline Generator.

LAC Trimline Generator analyzes the dental arch and finds the matching cutting line fully automatically. Any STL 3D file, which is also used for 3D printing, can be used for this purpose.

Open 3D model,

Generate Trimline,



Creating clear aligners manually takes time and manpower. With the LAC, we not only increase our productivity by up to seven times, but we can exceed our customers' quality expectations.

“All we have to do is remove the finished aligner - every minute.”