Pedodontic Appliances - Fn Orthodontics

In the annual production line of F.N. Orthodontics, the pedodontic appliances occupy a significant percentage of the overall constructions.

Removable appliances with palatal expanders, restoration of cross-bite or reverse occlusion.
Removable or fixed appliances for restoration of missing teeth, partial or complete dentures heat treated if applicable. Palatal plates (OBTURATORS) in cases of the split palate with soft acrylic (Eversoft) application.

Fixed of BAND & LOOP type for space retaining, selected of regaining space type with active springs.
Appliances of NANCE, W-ARCH (Porter) type, and lingual - palatal bows.

The constant updating from international - national scientific papers and the compliance to a strict construction protocol guarantees the optimum and reliable effect of the above applications by F.N. Orthodontics.

The prompt receipt - delivery, the proper and systematic construction, the awareness in the selection of raw materials (optimum amalgams - bondings without cadmium or other toxic substances - acrylic resin with exemplary molecules, of totally biocompatible and non-allergenic substances, soft acrylic and teeth of BAMBINO type), the possibility of rings application and the processing with latest technology equipment (LASER BEKO, DENT A PUK) render our pedodontic appliances simply the best and the most biocompatible a dentist's practice can apply to children.