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In the last few years, orthodontic implants proved to be a handy tool for orthodontic Treatment and provide solutions where other applications were not adequate.

In F.N. Orthodontics, the PSM - Medical Solutions is used in the majority of cases. The Benefit implants combine all the benefits of titanium orthodontic implants, such as the fact that they are self-tapping, there is no need for surgical placement, they allow instant charging, bone incorporation is not required, they are easily removed. They are the only ones that will enable abutment for any application.

Now the appliances' construction with analogs has become the best choice for complex tooth movements with complete bone support.

For example, we mention the hybrid appliance for rapid palatal expansion of Hyrax type, the Pendulum appliance, the Beneplate - appliance for the upper molars movement, prosthetic restorations in congenital missing of permanent teeth for conditions of maximum retaining requirement (Anchorage).

Easy Driver System

EASY DRIVER System by Uniontech - Creation of Virtual guide and appliance fabrication- is now available in Greece from F.N. Orthodontics for all Orthodontists and other Ortho-Labs.
BENEfit® mini-implants can be easily inserted and are minimally invasive. The use of BENEfit®-System in orthodontic practice offers clinicians innovative, safe, and fast therapeutic options; thanks to the design of its components, BENEfit®-System can be used for several applications. BENEfit®- System suits the various needs clinicians might need to solve. It offers the possibility of combining different dental movements using a single device appropriately designed and built by the certified laboratory with the Easy Driver® system.
Τhanks to its unique and patented method and the practical design of its components, the Easy Driver® system can be used for multiple applications. This system opens up new opportunities for orthodontic Treatment, and it can be adapted to a wide variety of clinical needs. It offers the possibility of combining different dental movements using a single device appropriately designed and built in our laboratory according to the orthodontist's instructions. Uniontech is the creator, together with Dr. Renzo De Gabriele, of the Easy Driver® system.
- Possible and recommended immediate loading
- Minimally invasive insertion
- The orthodontist can apply BENEfit® mini-screws by avoiding the involvement of other dental specialists
- Ease to remove
- All the components are designed to provide safety to clinicians and ensure comfort to the patient
- BENEfit®-System mini-implants do not osseointegrate
- Expansions / Anchorages / Intrusions and Extrusions / Third-class tractions / Mesialization and Distillation