Welcoming to FN Orthodontics

With our warmest greetings and the current edition, we aim first to contact and introduced our laboratory. F.N. Orthodontics is not just a leading orthodontic dental technician laboratory regarding 30 years of experience, knowledge of the orthodontic systems, and selection of the partners and collaborators we represent.

However additionally, we daily provide more than 250 orthodontic works, being sent to our clients. We even offer the most significant number of 3d printers to accomplish our daily projects and 3D digital prototyping orthodontic jobs. This specific orthodontic technology laboratory operates since 1997 and is found in Athens, in the Goudi district, opposite to Athens School of Dentistry (UoA).

F.N. Orthodontics is a fully equipped laboratory with scanners of the latest technology, 3D printers, digital cad systems, electronic stereoscopes in a beautiful and comfortable working space and environment.

We are proud to be an organic company offering economical, high standards and customized orthodontic solutions.

Collaborations with professionals of international recognition and entirely well-known systems grace our laboratory and allow us to offer a high-quality production.

F.N. Orthodontics is ISO 9001 2015 certified and one of the few laboratories with ISO 13485 (pending approval), using only materials with CE and FDA mark and keeping restrict protocols in our production and fabricating line.

After more than 30 years of hard work, we are still based in Greece yet offer our services to the whole country but extending our VPS hosting with a speed of 595 Mbps and using fiber optical connection of 220 Mbps for the optimum data connection between the laboratory and Dr's practices and other facilities, our goals reach up to many other countries and regions developing a unique business chain of F.N. Orthodontics activities.

Despite the cost of production and the high level of our services, we are transparent in providing worth for money, always giving the best class in every single orthodontic job.

Let us be connected and try for the best! Always at your disposal, hoping for a beautiful business relationship and collaboration that will provide maximum benefits in the long run for both sides.