Mouthguards - Fn Orthodontics

An athletic splint (mouthguard) is called the removable dental appliance that is fitted to the athlete's upper jaw teeth, preventing possible injuries related to teeth loss, jaw fractures, damages to the temporomandibular joint, and gum injuries, and other soft molecules of the oral cavity.

Anyone who engages in sports activities, women and men, children, adolescents and adults, amateur and professional athletes, knows very well that during their sports activity, the worst that can happen is not a lost game but a severe injury, that may also significantly alter their health state and the course of their everyday life.

Dangerous body areas for similar injuries, especially in sports that involve significant physical contact and pushes, crashes, collisions, and falls, are the head, the facial area, and the oral cavity.

It has been calculated that over 90% of children will endure an injury in the broader facial area. In comparison, the registered injuries during sports activity occupy 10-39% of the total dental injuries in children and mainly hit 7-11 years old.

Athletes who do not wear an athletic splint become 60 times more likely to risk teeth damage. It is statistically proven that athletic splints worldwide prevent now more than half a million injuries per year.

F.N. Orthodontics, having the required modern equipment & technical knowledge, provides to all types of athletes the types of athletic splints necessary for their effective protection and beneficial sports activity.

The apex of this technology is the specialized splints of Orthofan Pro digital design, for which since the summer of 2017, our laboratory is the exclusive representative of the system inspired by the Italian Dental Technologist Fabio Fantozzi, of whom the most acknowledged and technologically advanced athletic protective devices overwhelm the Global market with absolute success in all sports levels.