Theramon - FN Orthodontics

Theramon® is an electronic system consisting of three components. It enables an objective evaluation and complete documentation of the real wearing time of an orthodontic appliance. Since 2010, theramon® created the Golden Standard on high-tech patient compliance monitoring. More than 150.000 sensors have been embedded in dental devices and other medical aids since. Many success stories have been written over the years, as awareness of needed proves of compliance is continuously growing. Theramon system evaluation works on Theramy sensors. There are two types of sensors:

They are very compact-sized high-tech micro sensors containing an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), which measures and stores the sensor data in adjustable intervals. The sensor is powered by a small rechargeable Li-Ion dry cell battery. Stored data is transmitted wirelessly via an onboard antenna (RFID) to a dedicated reader device.

The theramon® Sensor C is an even more compact sensor than the theramon® S and has a reduced life due to the smaller battery.
In combination with the theramon® Remote Patient Box (RPB) theramon® C sensors' lifetime can be charged to an almost indefinite lifetime.

Other Parts of the System:

Theramon Pen-Reader
The theramon® pen reader is the device of choice for dental offices to patients' compliance data during doctors' consultancy. Data can be transferred either via USB cable or Bluetooth, enabling excellent mobility during patient support.

The theramon® cloud application can be accessed with any operating system (MacOS®, Android®, MS Windows®,…). To retrieve data from sensors and transmit it to the cloud with the pen reader, the reader requires MS Windows® is needed. Theramon® RPB does not require any additional software.

Theramon® Remote Patient Box (RPB)

The theramon® Remote Patient Box – RPB – is a multifunctional device placed at the patient's home and connected to their local WiFi. Compliance data is available to the doctor in almost real-time without seeing the patient. Without WiFi connection, theramon® RPB can store vast amounts of data onboard.

Invented initially to monitor children's adherence to orthodontic Treatment, Theramon today covers a much greater range of applications. Knowing the patients' wearing behavior of medical remedies in the different medical fields is of enormous importance for today's modern medicine. The reasons for objective wearing time documentation may be medically justified for efficient patient treatment. In other cases, knowledge about good patient compliance may be required to protect against legal consequences or restrictions for various professionals (e.g., withdrawal of truckers' drivers' licenses).

In orthodontics, microsensors are mainly used in removable braces for children and teenagers and special splints or so-called aligners primarily for adults. The sensors are read at regular check-ups. The knowledge of the actual use enables, on the one hand, optimal orthodontic treatment and, on the other hand, very early recognition of possibly necessary treatment corrections.

In dental sleep medicine, microsensors are mainly used in special dental sleep appliances to treat patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. While an excellent dental sleep appliance can significantly reduce the apnea index, the proven use of a – possibly even legally – prescribed minimum can prevent impending restrictions in everyday professional life (e.g., withdrawal of truckers' drivers' licenses).