Soldering - Welding - FN Orthodontics

In Orthodontic Technology and technique, the choice of materials and the type of welding is significant for determining the properties of the bonded metallic parts.

Silver welding materials are popular due to their low fusion temperature and easy handling characteristics. It is also logical that both the movable and fixed orthodontic appliances are not intended for staying in the patient's mouth for life.

However, welding requires high levels of resistance, tolerance, and biocompatibility, so that it always needs a unique process and handling of the metallic parts.

The selection of the soldering type is determined in most cases by the discretion of the orthodontist and the technician.

It always refers to the skillfulness of the person who attempts the welding, their knowledge, and the availability of the appropriate soldering appliance, the value of which can well exceed some tens of thousands of euros.

The level of welding we choose relates to the technical brilliance and knowledge of the operator. In contrast, the quality we want to give links to the resistance and aesthetic appearance of the soldering surfaces.

Our laboratory, after many years of experience in the specific field and by following all the steps of the technological upgrading, has an extensive series of appliances, supporting devices as well as (Laser Star Plus Bego, Puk D2 Lampert, Dentaurum Master 3000, Impulsfixator IP-120) techniques, to consistently deliver bondings of high-level specifications and requirements.